Independent External Board Reviews


In a business climate of accelerating disruption, change and regulatory focus, accountable Boards and Chairman increasingly look toward rigorous evaluation of their effectiveness, strengths and areas for development. 

Our dynamic and engaging developmental framework for independent external board reviews receives positive responses from chairmen for its added value and productive perspective in contrast to what has otherwise been a sterile industry offering.

At Advanced Boardroom Excellence, we undertake development-focused independent external board reviews to deliver the effective viewpoint required by the Chairman and board. This board review process is conducted sensitively and intelligently by our team who have both board experience, and an awareness of the challenges that face Chairmen, Non-Executive Directors and Executive Directors.

We provide an evaluation of the whole board, its committees and individual directors, tailored to your requirements. We then recommend actions in line with a framework for board effectiveness and your stated strategic goals.

Our Developmental Framework for External Board Reviews

  • Agree scope and logistics
  • Conduct structured board effectiveness interviews
  • Observation of the main board and its committees
  • Review Board/Committee papers and governance model
  • Report development
  • Initial feedback to the chairman of the draft report
  • Individual feedback on each director focused on their development
  • Discussion with the SID regarding the Chairman’s feedback
  • Final report and actions
  • Board feedback

“Added value to us at Advanced Boardroom Excellence means: supporting the Board to identify the potential for performance improvement; devising an action plan for moving forward; and focusing on cultivating an effective Board culture” – Helen Pitcher OBE, Chairman Advanced Boardroom Excellence



Code of Practice – Independent External Board Evaluations

Board evaluations, as set out in the UK Corporate Governance Code, are one of the principal areas of focus for building board effectiveness.  However, there is a perception that the scope and service quality of evaluations is variable, and a concern about standards.

The draft Code of Practice developed by Advanced Boardroom Excellence seeks to begin a discussion to address and resolve this perceived lack of market confidence and to instil a more coherent framework to allow companies and consultants to work more effectively together.

The Draft Code has been formally handed to the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) who will run a public consultation to which all market participants and interested parties will be invited to contribute. The consultation and consolidation process is expected to run up to the end of 2015.



The Board Dynamics Profile

For boards that will benefit from a greater in-depth look at their own development, the Advanced Boardroom Excellence Board Dynamics Profile uses a tried and tested approach to create a collective profile of the Board’s preferences and behaviours as a group.

This additional service option can be integrated into the independent external board review or undertaken as a specific initiative and gives a focus and engagement beyond the traditional Board Review.

This exciting approach provides the Chairman and board with a fresh impetus and perspective in respect of their own development and growth. Also see Development for the Board.



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