From Procedure to Process Behaviour

An article by Helen Pitcher OBE for the Company Secretary’s Review
Volume 39, Issue 8, August 2015

"The recent journey for Boards into a brave new world, provoked by a moment in history and the need to hold the total financial system together, showed the soft underbelly of company board superstructures and its failure to guard against the excesses of unfettered executive management.

This ‘brave new world’ has stepped up the expectation of board’s and NEDs and while the FTSE 100 and Financial Services companies are in the vanguard, experience shows us, that this advance is likely to extend innovation and best practice across the whole of the FTSE, private, mutual and public companies, as they seek to be seen in the positive context of the UK Code and governance best practice."

This article from Helen Pitcher OBE, Chairman of Advanced Boardroom Excellence looks at some of the influences driving the change in focus on Board behaviour, but more importantly asks if you are ready willing and able to adapt your behaviour to support the Chairman and the Board to deliver the future of Board effectiveness.