Significant Increase In Female NED Appointments

By Becky Frith for HR Magazine

The proportion of female first-time FTSE 350 non-executive directors (NEDs) significantly increased last year, according to a report by Korn Ferry.

The firm’s Class of 2014 report, which analysed all first-time NED appointments to FTSE 350 companies, revealed that 39% of first-time NEDs in 2014 were women, up from 28% in 2013 and 11% in 2007...

...However, Helen Pitcher, chairman of Advanced Boardroom Excellence, warned that the results do not necessarily indicate that more women are in the talent pipeline. 

“I do not believe the executive pipeline is being strengthened at all,” she told HR magazine. “I believe that chairmen are taking more risks, appointing more female NED first-timers, but from an existing pool of FDs and GMs predominantly from other organisations and not from a healthy executive pipeline.”