Board Dynamics and Why it Matters

A guest post by Helen Pitcher for Caffeine

This month’s guest blog is written by Helen Pitcher, OBE, Chairman of Advanced Boardroom Excellence Limited. A leading board effectiveness practitioner, Helen specialises in the development of boardroom standards, behaviour and ethics, helping boards evolve so they can develop their effectiveness for the complex demands of today, while preparing for the demands of the future.

When most people think about effective leadership of an organisation, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the executive team comprising of the C-Suite of roles along with any business critical functions and key directors holding those roles. But in the context of good governance, effective leadership depends on a well-tuned board; a critical success factor to achieve this is healthy board dynamics.

Very simply defined, board dynamics refers to the way individual board directors interact with each other in the carrying out of their duty as directors with the objective of collectively generating economic value for the organisation. The dynamics of the board can be manifested through the language used in the boardroom, through the culture of constructive challenge and healthy debate, and ultimately through the decisions and actions of the board itself.