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What every HRD should know about board governance

What every HRD should know about board governance

By Advanced Boardroom Excellence for HR Magazine, 21 Apr 2015

In this article for HR Magazine, Helen Pitcher chairman of Advanced Boardroom Excellence, explains that good governance informs and improves the HRD’s effectiveness in their day-to-day role, so in turn, the HRD’s areas of expertise in the boardroom can help colleagues to understand how best to implement the company’s overall strategic plan. 

Diversity in the Executive Pipeline

An article by Advanced Boardroom Excellence for the LexisNexis Company Secretary’s Review, Vol 38, No. 16, Published on 19 November 2014

In this article Helen Pitcher from Advanced Boardroom Excellence considers the need for diversity in the executive pipeline, and the important role played by non-executive directors.

As we consider the future of boards and reflect on past failings and misadventures it is important to remind ourselves of the capabilities and skills that non-executive directors (“NEDs”) are designed to bring to a company.

Take care of the board amateurs

Take care of the board amateurs

An article by Carly Chynoweth for The Sunday Times originally published on 26 October 2014

When some non-executives are elected as ‘lay’ directors, the chairman may need to fill in gaps in their knowledge and stop top-level bullying.

IMAGE: Lesley-Anne Alexander, chairwoman of Acevo, where most of the board is elected by the members, says she appoints extra directors to fill any gaps (Akira Suemori)