Diversity Report

Published by Advanced Boardroom Excellence

The Diversity Report 2014, published by Advanced Boardroom Excellence, is a research report on diversity with a focus on female talent in organisations. The report looks at this diversity agenda through the eyes of 70 successful women leaders and provides an insight into the extraordinary waste of female talent being overlooked.

Two of the strongest messages from the research are that this is a talent management and business issue, not a “women’s issue” and it cannot be solved by women alone or by just “helping women” fit the corporate world better.

The sample of highly successful women offer thoughts and advice for the next generation and believe that organisational cultures, structures and practices have to change to create working environments that value different leadership styles, where women and men want to stay and compete for top jobs. Get this right and the resolution of wider diversity issues should follow.

The report proposes an Agenda for Change which sets out recommendations for organisations, its leaders and women that will help drive change.


Download the Report

Diversity Report 2014 (PDF 1.1MB)

Recommendations from the Diversity Report 2014 can also be downloaded separately below:

Agenda For Change Extract (PDF 221KB)

Making It To The Top Extract (PDF 171KB)

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