The Evolution of Women into the Boardroom and Senior Leadership Roles

An article by Advanced Boardroom Excellence for The Hawkamah Journal

"Boardrooms are having to put more energy and attention into the real world issues of ‘consumerism’, ‘environmental impact’ and ‘ethical cultures’ which are the daily fodder for media headlines, with potentially massive impacts on an organisations reputation and for which Boards have a clear role in setting the tone and sensitivity across the whole organisation.

However, as important as this immediate debate is, a more fundamental question is answered if we define achievement of Women In Leadership equality as a successful longer term ‘sea change’ in the levels of women on Executive Management Committees and in Senior Leadership roles. This ‘sea change’ will provide the sustainable ‘supply’ of women to Boardrooms as the seed corn for a selection process based on merit thus avoiding the debilitating effect of a ‘tokenism’ label."