Changes in Leadership at INSEAD International Directors Network

The INSEAD IDP Network Committee today announced that Helen Pitcher, OBE, was elected as new Chair and President of the INSEAD International Directors Network committee, following the annual AGM held on October 14, 2017. Helen takes over from previous chair Christoper de Mattos.

In the announcement, Helen Pitcher, OBE,  President IDN said "Board dynamics, behaviour and conduct are under greater scrutiny than ever before. The requirement for directors to be appropriately qualified from both a skill and behavioral perspective has never been more important. INSEAD is developing an enviable cadre of suitably qualified international directors to ensure the right conduct and behaviour is prevalent in Boards throughout the globe. The International Director Network is there to foster connectivity, collaboration and continued development for the members of the network and more broadly within the INSEAD Alumni". 

Photo credit: Under the Light by Alexandre Halbardier

Photo credit: Under the Light by Alexandre Halbardier

The appointed INSEAD International Directors Network Committee Members are:

  • Helen Pitcher, OBE; Chair & President
  • Louise Beveridge
  • Liselotte Engstam 
  • Mary Francia, 
  • Alison Gaines, 
  • Christoper de Mattos, 
  • Antonio Nieto-Rodrigues
  • Dominic Nixon 
  • Michael Vareika

The appointed INSEAD International Directors Network Ambassadors are now:

  • Mary Francia, Global & Americas
  • Helen Gillies, Australia
  • Luigi Passamoni, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia
  • Xavier Bedoret, Belgium
  • Cleopatra Kitti, Cyprus and Greece
  • Maged Basta, Egypt, UAE
  • Jean du Lac, France
  • Boris Gorilla, Germany
  • Lorenza Di Giovanni, Italy
  • Rosa Villabos, Luxembourg
  • Adrian Moors, Mauritius; South Africa
  • Fennemiek Gommer, Netherlands
  • Suleiman Yahyah, Nigeria
  • Rachel Montagu, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland
  • Abdulla I Al Mutrif, Saudi Arabia
  • Manik N Saha, Singapore
  • Kolja A Rafferty, Switzerland
  • Jeffrey Scott, United Kingdom

For more information about the INSEAD IDP network contact or visit the INSEAD website.

On the 14th December 2017, the INSEAD International Directors Network Committee was renamed the INSEAD Directors Network Board (IDN-Board).

An interview with Helen Pitcher, President INSEAD Directors Network, IDN