INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre Scaling New Heights

Today, in a Special Edition on INSEAD Directors Forum newsletter, it was announced that from 1st September 2017, INSEAD Corporate Governance Initiative (ICGI) will take on a new identity as INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre (ICGC). 

This is a significant milestone for INSEAD’s governance activities, validating a positive review by an INSEAD faculty committee of the contribution of ICGI.

INSEAD now counts over 500 certified board directors (IDP-Cs) with more than 130 Alumni of the International Directors Programme attending the recent INSEAD Directors Forum. 

Helen Pitcher INSEAD Directors Network.jpg

The newsletter also announced that Annual General Meeting of the INSEAD Directors Network on 14th October 2017 elected Advanced Boardroom Excellence's Helen Pitcher, OBE as the new Chair and President of the IDN committee taking over the helm from Christopher de Mattos, who will continue to serve on the IDN Board facilitating and supporting the leadership transition.