Ten Networking Strategies to a Seat on the Board

Written by Helen Pitcher OBE for INSEAD Knowledge Career Blog

Changing careers at mid-life is an option for more and more executives. Some choose early retirement, others are nudged towards the door, and others decide that doing something that they love is more meaningful and they can afford to get off the corporate track.

Becoming a NED is often considered the next logical professional step after an executive role. NEDs gain new skills, enlarge their networks and better understand other industries. But the competition is tough and it can be difficult to land that first NED position.

To find your first NED role, once you know you are “board ready”, you need a combination of networking with a purpose, absolute clarity about the board you would add best value to, and then look at who might be rotating off the board.

Helen Pitcher OBE, Chair of Advanced Boardroom Excellence (INSEAD IDP-C) shares her ten strategic networking tips for executives looking for their first NED role.