Phil Wills, Corporate Governance Specialist Compensation Review

Phil is a leading practitioner in board compensation strategy.  He has some 25 years of diverse international compensation & benefits experience, as a practitioner in FTSE 50 companies, and more recently as an independent consultant.

As an Advanced Boardroom Excellence consultant he is part of the board effectiveness team and undertakes the detailed process and capability appraisal of the board remuneration committee as part of the independent board review process.

He is able to use a wealth of corporate and consultancy knowledge to review and advise the board on best practice and compensation risk management principles to verify they are meeting their governance requirements and standards.

During the latter stage of his corporate career, Phil closely and directly supported the board remuneration committees of three major FTSE companies over a 15 year period during which he operated in the top global reward role for Reed Elsevier Group (6 years); the top global reward role for ICI (6 years); and as head of compensation and employment policy for Diageo (GrandMet pre-merger).

Phil has a degree in German and Law and a master’s degree in industrial relations from the L.S.E.