The Advanced Boardroom Excellence Assessment-Development framework for current and future leaders provides a dynamic and strategically focused assessment of a director’s potential and career development needs, giving them a way forward to success. 

Assessing, Review and Development Planning for Directors

Using our Board Effectiveness Capability Model, we can help directors to achieve a step-change in performance and career engagement. 


We work closely with the client at every step of the assessment process from pre-assessment of requirements, through design and administering assessments, to scoring, analysis, and post-assessment feedback.

The Assessment-Development framework is particularly focused on working with an individual within the organisational context of their career, an approach that is mutually beneficial to the director and the organisation with a practical focus on career outcomes.

Selection Assessment of Directors 

The selection process can be a long, arduous and expensive one.  We believe that if you want to optimise the effectiveness of your board and senior executive leaders, a formal selection assessment will ensure you select the best candidate for the role and it will also serve as a complementary approach and support in any personal development initiative introduced for existing board directors and executive leaders. 

Our unique blend of psychometric questionnaires are pulled together to create an “insight profile”, which can be mapped on to the Advanced Boardroom Excellence Board Effectiveness Capability Model or your own defined capabilities and competencies.

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