Directors and Leaders as Coaches

Motivating and directing existing talent, retaining that talent and attracting new talent presents the greatest challenge to an organisation and its leaders. Talent is only potential. The role of a great leader or director is to unleash that potential within individuals and the organisation.

We offer Directors and Leaders the high-impact coaching skills they need to realise and accelerate potential and performance, enhance motivation and thus increase engagement and enable step change performance within their organisations.

High-Impact Coaching Skills Programme

At Advanced Boardroom Excellence, we have developed a 1-2 day focused High-Impact Coaching Skills programme for Directors and Leaders targeted as a refresher, catalyst and driver to increase their coaching engagement.  

This programme is designed to support Directors and Leaders in activating skills and techniques to engage effectively with their teams and emerging talent, facilitating direct conversations that are clear, unambiguous and supportive, thus enhancing both motivation and performance.

Our High-impact Coaching Skills programme is a mix of skills training, open discussion, expert input and practice sessions on real issues. It is designed to provide the confidence and drive to allow an immediate start in using the skills and approaches developed on the programme. 

This is a powerful and dynamic experience and assumes a significant prior experience and knowledge that the programme then consolidates, simplifies, amplifies and, most importantly, directs to achieve the target of proactive engagement with talent within the organisation.

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“Our belief is that effective coaching takes place every day, at all times and within all activities. This short sharp programme is designed to give Directors and Leaders a practical, effective and immediate set of skills to achieve this.” – Helen Pitcher OBE, Chairman Advanced Boardroom Excellence