Accelerating Board Dynamics

Development of the Board as a group beyond their existing technical expertise, knowledge and skills, supports and promotes an ethos and unity which keeps the Board up to date with emerging issues and enables them to function collectively and effectively in a range of situations.

Our Board Development service is designed to empower the Board by taking a look at its own ‘board dynamics’ and posing the question ‘how do we become a better Board?’ and implementing the solutions. It is these behaviours at an individual director and collective level that will breed a better board.

Improvement in Board Dynamics

Improvement in board dynamics is achieved by a focus on the knowledge and understanding of how the ‘group’ integrates, and on the roles played at an individual and collective level.

“Do you want a collection of brilliant minds or a brilliant collection of minds?” - Belbin

The development of the Board has its own challenges and characteristics and is required within a limited ‘time and space’ alongside many other competing demands. Consequently, we will provide short sharp sessions built around a dynamic integrated agenda. This is not training or lecturing, rather it is an artful facilitation of those ‘brilliant minds’ so as to enable all participants to appreciate their power as a collective group.

The Advanced Boardroom Excellence approach is to understand your needs and create and design a bespoke programme using models and materials we have built up over our 25 year working in the board effectiveness arena. Our highly experienced team of consultants, who are recognised experts in their subject matter, facilitate all our development programmes.


“The development of the Board itself can be an elusive activity, often characterised by the ubiquitous ‘deep dives’ into selected business areas. From our experience it is the interpersonal interactions of board members that hold the Board back from ‘world class’ performance and not procedural issues.” – Mark Winkle, CEO and Executive Coach Advanced Boardroom Excellence


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