Director Induction, Development and Governance Coaching

Boards and their Directors provide the leadership for the rest of the organisation and for corporate governance. The success of an organisation lies with the calibre of its Directors and their ability to work collaboratively and effectively during periods of challenge, change and disruption. 

Advanced Boardroom Excellence works with senior individuals to provide director induction, leadership development and governance coaching services designed to accelerate board and individual director effectiveness.

In particular, as the search for diversity on boards continues, the effective induction of individuals needs to be more focused on their accelerated learning. This is especially true where they might be new to the FTSE board environment, maybe in a new sector or developing from an executive role into the board NED role. 

Our Director Induction, Development and Governance Coaching Services support both the behavioural and board dynamics aspects of taking up a board role, in addition to providing an insight into the technical issues of being a Board Director where this is needed. They are designed to aid both NEDs and Executive Directors in getting up to speed on board dynamics and the behavioural aspects of sitting on the Board.


“Our Director Induction, Leadership Development and Governance Coaching Services are especially useful where there has been a considerable turnover of the Board with a new cadre of NED’s and Executive Directors, enabling them to achieve maximum alignment, focus and accelerating board effectiveness” – Helen Pitcher OBE, Chairman Advanced Boardroom Excellence

The Board Induction Orientation Programme

Our Board Development Programmes were created to support the transition of new and existing NED’s and Executive Directors to world-class board participation and to enhance the collective development of the Board.

The scope of the board induction orientation programme is designed around four core modules with an initial engagement session, final review and future development plan:

  • Initial Engagement Session, focused on the individual’s current profile and definition of areas of strength to tap into as well as areas to develop related to board experience.
  • Framework of Governance, the legal and regulatory framework for directors (as dictated by the UK Code but deployed within an international context), understanding the essence of a unitary board and the practical responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • The Context of Board Behaviour, how to deliver effective challenge, the art of questioning without creating defensiveness. How to influence the board, the executive and the organisation. Determining when to listen and provide challenge or support.
  • Board Oversight, understanding, absorbing and enacting the shift from executive responsibility to board accountability. Applying judgement, wisdom and insight.
  • Board Responsibilities, managing ‘risk’ or managing a ‘risk register’?  Risk Management realities; Reputational Risk, the individual’s and the organisation’s; how critical decisions are made; the integrity, tone and culture of the organisation.


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